Students at Makerere are already striking!

Last week, I heard that the faculty and staff at Makerere University were preparing to go on strike over low wages, and now I discovered that students are also striking because the police won’t let taxis and boda bodas onto campus.

This will certainly be an interesting place to study! The things I faced in student government at Centre seem quaint in comparison.

A story from Radio One –

Police is heavily deployed at Makerere University following a tip off that the students at the institution are planning a strike over the transport situation at the University.

The students are angry at the administration decision barring taxis and boda bodas inside the University due to security concerns.

The students say this is inconveniencing to them as they have to walk long distances to theit lecture rooms.

Shaban Senkubuge is the guild president at Makerere University. He says they warned the administration that students would not be OK with the move, in vain.

The students are now saying they will not attend classes until the matter is addressed.

Radio one has just received information that an emergence meeting has been called for the students’ Guild, the police and University administration.”



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