Carrie Underwood: My solution for surviving Ugandan traffic

A very apt description of traffic in Kampala. I often feel like I’m in a James Bond film while racing through traffic on a boda boda. I have yet to drive on top of someone’s roof, but we pretty much drive on anything else that’s passable.

The Sunblock Chronicles

Driving in Ugandan traffic will change your life; mostly because you’ll constantly see it flash before your eyes.

Imagine this:  Take the majority of Kampala’s 1.7 million people and put half of them on road – in one form or another – at the same time.

Now, take away all road signs, traffic signals and directional markings. They have a few, but they’re more for decoration.

Subtract the grid layout of the United States’ roads and highways. Most roads in Kampala go in circles. If you look at a map of Kampala, it looks like a spider’s web, overlaid by another spider’s web.

Now decrease the width of the roads and increase the number of lanes – two lanes become three or four, four lanes become 26 (that might be an exaggeration). In fact, just erase any lane lines because they are irrelevant.

Here would be a good point to…

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