Media Links


Brian Klosterboer and Lori Hartmann-Mahmud. “‘Difficult to Repair’: Applying African Models for Transitional Justice to Peace and Restoration Prospects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review 3.1 (Spring 2013): 56-80.

The vision for Uganda in 30 years (April 18, 2013; Daily Monitor)

National peace centre launches conflict, reconciliation exhibition (March 28, 2013; Daily Monitor)

Mbarara to lead Martyrs celebrations this year (February 27, 2013; Daily Monitor)

Kampala’s boda bodas: profit overrides competition (February 25, 2013; Daily Monitor)

M23, Congo reduce peace talk delegations (February 15, 2013; Daily Monitor)

Uganda, US troops find tusks in CAR (February 9, 2013; Daily Monitor)

Russia targets Uganda as big market for weapons (February 8, 2013; Daily Monitor)

M23, Kinshasa agree to review 2009 agreements (February 7, 2013; Daily Monitor)

I’m stressed by men from Parliament, says Alengot (October 6, 2012; Daily Monitor)

U.S. News Coverage

Six Fulbrights tie record set in 2008 (June 21, 2012; Centre News)

Brian Klosterboer ’12 presents paper at major international conference (November 23, 2011; Centre News)

Ugandan News Outlets

New Vision – A state-owned newspaper that is Uganda’s oldest and most widely circulated publication.

Daily Monitor The most widely circulated independent newspaper in the country.

The Independent  You can probably guess if this paper is state-owned or not.

The Observer A bi-weekly paper in Kampala.

Radio One – Radio station in Kampala.

East African Business Week – Discusses regional politics and economics. Kind of like the Economist of East Africa.


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